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UK gives Rwanda another £100m (Telegraph)


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Ever since the Brexit referendum, the UK has been governed by Tories who are in perpetual internal conflict (personal greed vs lip service to the country). Not one policy or effort has been proposed to benefit the UK, all their energy is spent trying to heal the rifts in the Tory Party.

After the Great Covid Robbery, we now have the immigration giveaway, where millions of pounds are being given to a not too friendly foreign government for nothing. Even if the policy worked, sending 200 asylum seekers per year to Rwanda (in a quid pro quo arrangement in which we might have to take the same number back from them) would make not a jot of difference to the number of small boats crossing the Channel. And even if it did, the numbers are a fraction of the legal immigrants we have been forced to take since we banned EU citizens from working here.

I can understand why the Tories want to cling on to power- many of them have become millionaires, and they have managed to loot the country of most of its wealth (remember when every debate about the economy was stalled by saying "but we Got Brexit Done").

Brexit I can understand- it has given them to chance to loot the taxpayer like there is no tomorrow. It is the popular support for them that I can't understand.

Of course, the only, and I can't stress this enough, the only reason some Tories want to leave the ECHR is to remove rights not from refugees and asylum seekers but from British working people. They know the policy is nonsense, they just want the removal of human rights from the UK. Brexit in a nutshell.

Britain has given Rwanda an extra £100 million this year – on top of the £140 million already paid – before any asylum seekers have been deported to the country, The Telegraph can reveal.

The payment, which had not been previously disclosed, was agreed in April as part of the deal under which illegal migrants relocated from the UK will claim asylum in Rwanda. The Government expects to pay Rwanda a further £50 million next year, taking the total to £290 million.

The agreement was upgraded to a legally binding treaty this week as part of Rishi Sunak’s efforts to get the first flights off by next spring after the deportation plan was ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court.

UK gives Rwanda another £100m before any asylum seekers sent there (msn.com)

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Tories have condemned the Government’s handling of the Rwanda asylum scheme after it emerged the cost of the policy has doubled despite it failing to deport a single person.

It comes as Downing Street insisted Suella Braverman was behind the decision to increase the cash paid to Kigali for the scheme from £140m to £300m.

In a move that is likely to deepen divides between Rishi Sunak and sections of his own MPs, Downing Street held the former home secretary as being responsible for paying the additional cash to Kigali during her time running the Home Office.

The department’s permanent secretary Matthew Rycroft disclosed on Thursday evening that the cost of the scheme had increased by £100m back in April, with a further £50m due to be paid next year.

Tories hit out at mounting cost of Rwanda plan as No 10 blames Braverman (msn.com)

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On 12/9/2023 at 4:19 PM, itsnotoutthere said:


Andrew Lawrence is a vile little racist and failed comedian, a sort of 2nd rate Lawrence Fox, who is himself a third-rate actor and 4th rate human being. I know we shouldn't judge by appearances, but Lawrence, Fox and Farage all have that pinched mean look about their faces, that sort of indicate low IQ and poor genes.

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