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Millions of children at risk from killer mould


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Shocking really. The UK is the 6th richest country in the world, but only if you count the number of millionaires. If you count the number of people in poverty, we are poorer than many Eastern European countries. And the divide between the richest 10% and the poorest 20% grows every year the present government is in power. Even though public opinion is demanding a GE, they won't call one, as every extra month in power is an extra month they can stick their snouts in the trough and loot taxpayers' money. 

When Robert Jenrick was Housing Minister, he owned three houses, one of which was Grade 1 listed (the most valuable historic home). His most memorable act as housing minister was to accept a £500,000 bribe to accept a property developer pal's plan to build in London a development that contravened planning, saving his crony £45 million. Robert Jenrick admits deliberately helping Tory donor avoid £45m tax bill by rushing through housing development | The Independent | The Independent.

Millions of young children are being exposed to potentially life-threatening mould as a growing number of Britons in the grip of the energy crisis struggle to heat their homes this winter.

Shock new figures shared with The Independent reveal that one in three young families in the UK are stuck in homes with a recurring mould problem.

Campaigners called on Rishi Sunak to address the “Victorian” and “incredibly dangerous” conditions – demanding an emergency energy tariff to help Britons in damp and cold homes.

Revealed: Millions of children at risk from killer mould | The Independent

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