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Within The Shell


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A poem for those whose wisdom goes unrecognized because you have no peers.  Maybe it's because you excel in areas that you hold no degree.  Or perhaps you have seen what others have never been able to witness themselves.  But when you speak of these things, their ignorance as a community hides that which you can not deny from personal experience, study, or deep research.  This is for you.


Within The Shell

In the quiet halls of wisdom's keep,
Where knowledge blooms and secrets sleep,
A voice resounds, both bold and deep,
Speaking of truths it's sworn to keep.

"Speak only of what you truly know,"
The ancient adage, soft and slow,
But what of minds that brightly glow,
Untutored yet in wisdom's flow?

In cloistered halls of ivy clad,
Where learned scholars oft are glad,
A genius walks, alone, unclad
In degrees and honors others had.

Their thoughts, like stars, in darkness shine,
Ideas profound, almost divine,
Yet unheard in academia's line,
For lack of peer's approving sign.

What makes one fit to share their lore?
Is it the schooling they adore?
Or is it something, something more,
A spark within, not taught, but bore?

For what if in a humble mind,
Lies secrets, vast and undefined,
Mysteries of the cosmic kind,
Yet by the world, they're left behind.

So ponder this, you sages wise,
Not all wisdom in textbooks lies,
Sometimes it's hidden in plain disguise,
In the genius that academia denies.

In every voice, a truth may swell,
In every quiet, a story to tell,
For in unexpected places dwell, 
the brightest yolk trapped in the shell.

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