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D&D Short Story: The Tormented Soul


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The bearded warrior in light armor sitting across from you in the 'Yawning Portal' catches you starring at her when she takes a long sip from her ale.

'I was once like you, kid. Full of lust for adventure. Able, willing and motivated, like that saying goes. Just turned out I was cursed from the start. When I was created someone out there apparently thought it would be fun to let me experience Ghosts of Saltmarsh as Rogue Paladin. It wasn't for nothing, I am kind of famous since that happened. But I wasn't able to find a group willing to adventure with me since and I can't blame them.

I am useless I tell you. Whatever one half of me is good at the other needs to endlessly discuss first if I can't find a loophole to be okay with it. I mean under what circumstance is stabbing someone in the back the morally right thing to do? It's just really difficult.'

You notice how her rusty dagger has seen better days and flip her a coin.

'I can't take that.' She pushes it back across the table towards you. 'But I mean I do need it. I could work for it. Where are you heading?'

'The Lost City: Cynidicea.'

'Really? That is perfect! Let's mess up Zargon!'

The End


The moral of the story: with the right adversary everybody can find their place in a band of heroes.

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words are hard
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When one feels justified, any violence becomes not only acceptable, but often comes with a sense of mandatory obligation.

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@MrsGently If you are into D&D style stories may I recommend Kings of the Wyld .  It's about a band of adventurers that get together for one last adventure and is done in the parlance of the band of adventurers being a band of rock stars.  

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