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NASA’s Webb Finds Signs of Possible Aurorae on Isolated Brown Dwarf [updated]


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NASA’s Webb Finds Signs of Possible Aurorae on Isolated Brown Dwarf


Infrared emission from methane suggests atmospheric heating by auroral processes.

Astronomers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have found a brown dwarf (an object more massive than Jupiter but smaller than a star) with infrared emission from methane, likely due to energy in its upper atmosphere. This is an unexpected discovery because the brown dwarf, W1935, is cold and lacks a host star; therefore, there is no obvious source for the upper atmosphere energy. The team speculates that the methane emission may be due to processes generating aurorae.

These findings are being presented at the 243rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society in New Orleans.

Read More: ➡️ NASA


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  • The title was changed to NASA’s Webb Finds Signs of Possible Aurorae on Isolated Brown Dwarf [updated]

James Webb Space Telescope data pinpoint possible aurorae on a cold brown dwarf


Using new observations from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), astronomers have discovered methane emission on a brown dwarf, an unexpected finding for such a cold and isolated world. Published in the journal Nature, the findings suggest that this brown dwarf might generate aurorae similar to those seen on our own planet as well as on Jupiter and Saturn.

More massive than planets but lighter than stars, brown dwarfs are ubiquitous in our solar neighborhood, with thousands identified. Last year, Jackie Faherty, a senior research scientist and senior education manager at the American Museum of Natural History, led a team of researchers who were awarded time on JWST to investigate 12 brown dwarfs.

Read More: ➡️ Phys.org


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