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Nigel Farage 'blocked 5 times for a knighthood'


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After earning £1.5 million pounds for eating kangaroo testicles on I'm a Celebrity, Nige is considering a return to politics. If he is made a Lord, he could become PM. Since he has so frequently been nominated for a knighthood, elevation to the House of Lords should be a simple matter. Would the UK benefit from having someone of his calibre leading the government?

Nigel Farage has been recommended for a knighthood "at least five times" but has been consistently blocked by the "establishment" dominated committee of civil servants who have to approve honours, Express.co.uk has learnt.

It is understood the last person to put Mr Farage's name forward for an honour many believe he deserves was Boris Johnson while he was Prime Minister, only for the shadowy figures rubberstamp recommendations to snub the former Brexit and UKIP party leader.

The revelations are the latest chapter in what one ally of the GB New host described as "the establishment's ongoing war of revenge against Nigel" for delivering Brexit.

Nigel Farage was recommended for a knighthood by Boris but was 'blocked' | Politics | News | Express.co.uk

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