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Does IQ matter? The murky history of intelligence tests

Still Waters

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IQ isn't that big of a mystery.  People don't like it because they don't like hearing how some people are better and some people or worse.  It's not my fault people struggle with being humble.  The Dunning-Kruger Illusory Superiority effect isn't exactly a murder mystery.

That some people with high IQs are 'dumb' isn't a reflection of their IQ when you understand IQ as learning speed and comprehension.  Comprehension of what the test is asking as well as the items within, which then carry off into the real world and reflect their learning speed for LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE THAT REQUIRES LEARNING.  Ol' mate spending 10 years to perfect his craft to attain expert level status takes the same 4 year old with a score 122 points higher 3 months.  I'm not entirely sure what the moral issue of the posters here regarding it.  I for one have no issues being humble in the understanding that some people are literally better than I am.  Even as a typist in the 99.999th percentile there are still people better than me.  Do I need to seek some other crux to make me feel better about myself?  No.  Because unlike most of you I don't get disheartened and crestfallen because some poor kid is made to feel weak and like trash for being ****.  Instead I get enlivened and fired up that such amazing people exist to begin with!  I become enamoured.

Stop being so butt hurt, Jesus.

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