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Braverman’s ‘crazy’ law costs £1.5m a day because 22k migrants can’t be removed


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This is what happens when half-wits are allowed to govern. They have passed a law which prohibits both granting asylum or deporting 22,000 asylum seekers. The result- they will be left in limbo forever.

The situation has been caused by the Illegal Migration Act which requires the government to “remove” illegal migrants but only applies to those who entered the country from July 20 last year.

But the same legislation also bans the Government from granting asylum to any migrants who entered the UK illegally “on or after 7 March 2023”. It has left the Home Office with no practical way of dealing with 22,448 migrants who arrived in the country between those two dates.

A Home Office source called the situation “crazy” and said the department had acknowledged the situation with an internal bar on the processing of asylum applications lodged over that period.

“They haven’t decided what to do with them yet, that’s why we are not processing their claims,” they said. “They can’t work, rent, or have access to any form of leave to live in the UK, but you can’t deport them either.”

Braverman’s ‘crazy’ law costs £1.5m a day because 22k migrants can’t be removed (msn.com)

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