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Doggy listens intently to daddy


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Dogs are so endearing.  What good friends they are.

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well... on the one hand you see the bond, right? The dog knows when his owner says something it most of the time means something is 'happening' like you can clearly tell that the 'see' is a trigger for when doggy usually 'takes over the action' and goes find or protect or I don't know what these two are doing?

But I mean a shepherd. They are born to work. They are bred for hundreds of years to team up with humans for battle/hunt/protection... So over time to learned to read us. Like not language understanding just a few words obviously when they always mean something meaningful for the dog like 'ball' or see...

wait there is this one amazing dog in the UK I believe:


But I mean Chase is obviously a genius of the dog world. 1022. That is ****ing mind blowing! The fact that they listen is how it actually should be, just... humans are most of the time the issue because they treat them like toddlers or toys or accessoires...


The same is true for horses btw. Especially 'cavalry breeds' like Budjonny best horse breed on the planet and at risk of going extinct because... well it is difficult in the modern world how often does it still happen that you and your horse really 'live together', not suitable for life in a box. It is sad.



sorry I drifted

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