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NHS nurses being investigated for ‘industrial-scale’ qualifications fraud


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The UK decided to disengage from its own continent and align with the Third World because it didn't agree with high, expensive, European standards. What could possibly go wrong?

Hundreds of frontline NHS staff are treating patients despite being under investigation for their part in an alleged “industrial-scale” qualifications fraud.

More than 700 nurses are caught up in a potential scandal, which a former head of the Royal College of Nursing said could put NHS patients at risk.

The scam allegedly involves proxies impersonating nurses and taking a key test in Nigeria, which must be passed for them to become registered and allowed to work in the UK.

NHS nurses being investigated for ‘industrial-scale’ qualifications fraud | NHS | The Guardian

The government view is: the less we pay staff, the better the UK will be. Not a Singapore-on-Thames, more a Somalia-on-Thames:


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