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The UK is in recession


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2 hours ago, Destination Unknown said:

"Britain's recession 'already over' amid private sector surge"

Annoyingly for you, Britain’s private sector grew at its fastest pace in nine months in February in a sign that the economy is already exiting recession. Must be Brexit. You can't have it both ways. 🤔

"only one Western European country has erected trade barriers, and that is us, so we will struggle more than most to regain lost ground." Well that prediction didn't age well did it. Ooops. 🤦


It is true that trade barriers came into existence following our departure from the EU. But what the anti-Brexit brigade miss is that the EU is not the world. We now have a range of free trade agreements with a host of other countries.

Furthermore free trade agreements and trade barriers are not everything. Whether it was the US or the UK, or both working together, we have seen that all it takes for economic success is to put some holes into the gas pipeline of a major industrial competitor. Germany is basically over as an industrial powerhouse.

That brings me a certain kind of warped pleasure, for ruining things for us Brits in WW2. Haha.

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