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Giant Sloth


Was the giant sloth found in a cave?

Partial mummified ground sloths have been found in desert caves in Arizona and New Mexico, including a cave in Grand Canyon National Park that was full of Shasta Ground Sloth dung. The Shasta ground sloth inhabited dry, open juniper woodlands, seasonal wetlands, and open woodlands.Oct 12, 2021

Nobody knows for sure why the south of Brazil has so many. Most are in the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, but Minas Gerais, another southern state, boasts some remarkable examples, including a 340m-long paleoburrow and a collection of six 40m-long tunnels that lead to 10m-wide by 4m-high chambers. In June this year, this site – the largest paleoburrow in the state – was brought under official protection to safeguard it from human activity.

A handful of paleoburrows can be found across South America, although none have been recorded in North America. "It's something that has no logical explanation because the megafauna roamed across the continent. You should have tunnels in other places," said Frank.

Patagonia Argentina

What happened to the Giants of Patagonia?
But by 12,000 years ago, they had disappeared. What happened? A study led by the University of Adelaide and including CU-Boulder shows giant ice age-era mammals that roamed Patagonia were finally felled by a rapidly warming climate, not by a sudden onslaught of the first human hunters.Jun 17, 2016

Are Giant Sloths Still Alive? South American rainforest natives tell stories of a large beast (the giant sloth) seven feet tall with matted fur and long claws. No, giant sloths have died out, but some people suggest they may still live in the South American rainforest!Oct 15, 2022



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