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No sign of missing Texas girl, 11, who never made it to school


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She was due to catch a bus, but school officials reported that she did not board it?

Some body attack her before she got on that bus. Wondering if there are any videos  on the neighbor  houses. it could be a neighbor that attack her?

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So sad to hear this little girl was found dead. Police do have a suspect and he is a neighbor and a family friend. He was arrested Friday for another charge and has an extensive criminal record including enticing a minor in 2008.

Missing 11-year-old's body found in Texas river: Police (msn.com)

Don Steven McDougal, a friend of Audrii's father, was named by investigators as a person of interest. McDougal, who lives in a camper located behind Audrii's house, allegedly promised to take Audrii to her bus stop and was the last person to see her, according to Lyons.

Lyons said there had been reports that McDougal had dropped the girl off at the bus stop in the past.

McDougal was arrested on an unrelated aggravated assault charge Friday, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. He has an extensive criminal history, including enticing a minor in 2008.

Polk County, Texas District Attorney Shelly Bush-Sitton told reporters that an arrest warrant is being prepared against McDougal and he will be charged with capital murder.

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THIS is why prior offenders can NEVER be allowed to fail to identify themselves as predators/sex offenders.  I guess there's some possibility he isn't guilty but I doubt it.  That poor child.  Her father will blame himself for the rest of his life for having made a "friend" like that man. :( 

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They are often people that know the victim or someone living close observing their routine. How could they take a little girl's life for their own perverted satisfaction. I say throw him in general population.:devil:

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