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First known photos of ‘lost bird’ captured by scientists

Still Waters

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For the first time, scientists have captured photos of a bird long thought lost.

Known as the Yellow-crested Helmetshrike, or Prionops alberti, the species is listed as a ‘lost bird’ by the American Bird Conservancy because it had not seen in nearly two decades.

University of Texas at El Paso scientists made the discovery during a six-week expedition to the Itombwe Massif, a mountain range in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The photos of the helmetshrikes have been reviewed and confirmed by Cameron Rutt, Ph.D., who leads the Lost Birds project at the American Bird Conservancy.



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Very cool.  I don’t know how they got that bird to perch on the hand…but that is cool.  Hopefully while they’re out there they can find the mokele mbembe.

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Yet they cannot find bigfoot the 8 foot tall hominid.

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