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More than 2,700 dangerous wild animals kept in homes in Great Britain

Still Waters

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From camels in Wiltshire to bush vipers in Redditch, a veritable menagerie of wild animals is being kept in homes across Britain.

According to data from the wildlife charity Born Free, there are more than 200 wildcats, 250 primates and 400 venomous snakes living in domestic settings across England, Wales and Scotland, with cobras, crocodiles, tigers, kangaroos and bison among other residents.

Dr Mark Jones, a vet and Born Free’s head of policy, said the findings were of concern, noting that while some animals were held in groups on farms, most were kept in rather more modest surroundings.

He said: “The majority of the animals that we’re talking about here will be held in people’s private homes or in their back yards or whatever.”


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