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No cheeze please: UK proposals could force dairy alternatives to change names

Still Waters

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Dairy alternatives such as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Alpro’s This Is Not M*lk may have to change their names if “draconian” new rules to prevent shoppers confusing plant-based with real dairy products are imposed.

With trading standards officials thought to be on the brink of issuing new guidance, including a ban on the use of words and phrases like “m*lk”, “cheeze” and “not milk” on labels, the Plant-based Food Alliance UK (PbFA) will next week make a last-ditch appeal to the environment secretary to intervene.

Marisa Heath, the PbFA’s chief executive, said it would set out its concerns, which include the risk that the resulting upheaval could push up prices, in a letter to Steve Barclay. It will request that the guidance is dropped and the regulations reviewed.


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