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Piers Morgan and Oprah Winfrey 'deepfaked' for US influencer's ads

Still Waters

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Celebrities including Piers Morgan, Nigella Lawson and Oprah Winfrey have criticised the use of AI deepfake online adverts that gave the false impression they had endorsed a US influencer's controversial self-help course.

The adverts promoted the so-called "Genie Script", the centrepiece of a "manifestation" course sold for $37 (£29) a time by Wesley "Billion Dollar" Virgin.

He describes himself as a motivational coach who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and claims to be worth $40m.

The videos, used to lure buyers to purchase the product, claim the Genie Script is a "missing" Hebrew Bible scripture of just 20 words that could - supposedly - change your life.

Its promotion blends pseudo-science, conspiracy theories and the manipulation of celebrity likenesses - all to draw in customers desperate for the chance to take control of their fate.


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Isn't the creation of AI deepfakery a brilliant development ? People who already are barely able to keep a handle on what is real are now thrust into an era when they simply can't know what is real anymore.  It will be like a form of socialized schizophrenia.  This will induce a feeling of powerlessness in the masses, as they are thrust back on only their most animal impulses, denied all intellectual support.  There are great and immensely powerful gifts associated with learning.  Even in poverty, knowing the truths of the world is an immense consolation.  Now the overclass has the means to take even that away from you.  Soon you will simply be unable to think anything but what you are told you can think.  The experiments in the totalitarian bloc have been immensely successful, and the way the population becomes pacified when they have all certainty in their knowledge removed from them is very gratifying to those who keep them under control.  Future generations will be so subtly oppressed that Roko's Basilisk will have nothing on what is in store for them.  Of course I say this as a card carrying member of the GOP, and not as a human being.

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