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Ghosts, the Mothman and the Highgate Vampire

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news icon rSo much has already been written about the tall black-clad spectre with hypnotic red eyes seen in and around Highgate Cemetery in the mid 1960's through to early 1970, that it would seem an almost impossible task to throw any new light on the subject without reverting to tedious repetition or repeating hearsay, much of which itself is only the result of speculation based on unfounded fact.

news icon View: Full Article | Source: The Book of Thoth

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Ley lines: lines of natural energy huh.gif which psychic energy can come in on and manifest at certain times. huh.gif We still don't know what psychic energy is or where it comes from.

So, there are spots or locations where psychic energy is materialized and the 'sensitive ones' can see these manisfestations or anyone can see these manisfestations if they are there at the right time.

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