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Civil service has ballooned by 100,000 since Brexit


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I thought we were going to cut red tape and bureaucracy and Take Back Control, not run round in circles like headless chickens. Lol!

The report, seen by LBC, said the lack of structure means junior ministers often end up pushing policy from the bottom up, but constantly changing job roles and a "lack of central direction" from the top of Government means policy is "incoherent and uncertain".

The Brexit and the State report says: "It is unclear how the transition of 2.8 million EU and EEA nationals from ‘pre-settled status’ to ‘settled status’ will be handled.

"The new farm payments scheme has been slow and unwieldy to implement.

"There have also been repeated delays to the imposition of full checks at the GB-EU border, and to the implementation of new GB regimes for chemicals registration and product standard marks."

It describes the Brexit project as "very much a work in progress", despite the UK having voted to leave the EU nearly a decade ago.

Civil service has ballooned by 100,000 since Brexit but it still 'lacks policy vision' (msn.com)

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A battle between civil service and ministers over what policy to implement doesn't help. 

The civil service seem to think there needs to be a working replacement for Brussels and also steer a path following anything the EU does and avoid regulation divergence.

All to make it simpler to rejoin, they think. 


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