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Theses for the Reconstruction of Ancient History

The Puzzler

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Antigonos said:

Not all the subjects there are my cup of tea either, the above two aren’t , but there have been some very interesting archaeological/paleontological threads posted there. Check back every so often, who knows, you may find something you like. 

You never know I guess.

a bit later in time…

I don’t for one minute think that Rome called back all Britannic Roman military when Alaric came…like are we to think that, 12 generations later, the military sons just went, oh OK, let’s trudge back to Rome..?

You conquer a country in the time of Jesus…then 400 years later, they are called back…it’s like the Hebrews in Egypt….that’s 12 generations of Britannic Romans….suddenly they are called back to Rome….I know I’m repeating myself…but indicating the level of ridiculousness in this history.

There is also alternative “ages in chaos” styled theories to support this. I can’t think of it right now….but it’s similar to Troy in England. About Constantine, taking advantage of some new fundamental religion called Christianity…we can lose 400 years right there…. if anyone else can locate it.

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