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Truth Social merger approved, giving Trump potential source of cash


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Shareholders of Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) approved a merger with former President Trump’s media startup on Friday, teeing up Truth Social’s stock market debut and a potential $3.5 billion windfall for Trump.

The long-delayed merger between the blank check company and Trump Media & Technology Group received regulatory approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last month.

Trump stands to make about $3.5 billion from the deal, given the nearly 79 million shares he would control in the newly merged company.



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I wonder how many stooges at the SEC will be assigned full time into examining the tiniest minutiae of this deal?  The scum merchants in NYC will try taking that from him as well.  Isn't it funny how every time they manage to harm him financially, he winds up better off?  It's almost like someone's trying to tell them something and they're too stupid to grasp it.  TRUMP 2024...

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Its gonna be a bloodbath for anybody that has to pay retail for this overvalued stock.  Another contribution to Donald Trump who just winds up better off as long as there are suckers willing to gild his lily. 

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