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Usa ceasefire plan Vetoed by Russia and China


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Posted (edited)

I never though I am going to see this. After tensions unecessarily created between Israel and America, the same USA who vetoed the cease fire in Israel proposed by Nato 3 times,  have came with a new motion asking this time Israel to cease fire , plan which was Vetoed by Russia and China. The same Russia which fights Ukraine helped by both Israel and USA, understood Israel's struggle and desire.

Wtf is going on? This is not going well! America and Israel brotherhood was the last stand against terrorist groups and now is over. America has managed to single out the only true friend who helped the state politically and financially. Has Binden administration become so ill and intoxicated by radicalism that it forgot its true mission?

What a major victory for Putin and JinPin! The American downfall starts today. Mark my words ....

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Posted (edited)

You haven't understood the situation, qxcontinuum.

WHY did the USA want a ceasefire?  To stop Palestinian civilian casualties.  Is Israel losing against HAMAS?  Nope.  Israel is destroying HAMAS.

And who backed HAMAS?  Russia, who sent the Wagner PMC to train HAMAS for the Oct 7th attack, which was set to go off on Putin's Birthday, as a birthday present to the dictator who needed international attention directed AWAY from his disaster in Ukraine...

So why does China benefit?  Because the CCP wants dozens of brushfire wars to spring up around the world that the USA has to pay attention to, thus spreading US forces too thin to deal with a Communist invasion of Taiwan.  It hasn't worked.

So why did Russia and Communist Occupied West Taiwan veto the ceasefire?  Because they both want the fighting to continue.  

China and Russia just threw their alliance with HAMAS under the bus.  China and Russia just sentenced countless more Gazans to die, which is fine by Israel, who want to destroy HAMAS with a free hand.   The Dictators have decided that they need the Gaza war to continue.

Honestly, the USA was just trying to do something humane.  They were trying to create a situation where the dead could be recovered and buried, and to get the displaced Gazan civilians fed and sheltered.  Instead HAMAS, who are dying like flies, and badly wanted the ceasefire, are going to die in the service of Imperialist Communist aggressors.  I cannot imagine a more deserved fate for such terrorist scum, who have betrayed everything they ever pretended they fought for.   Big win for Israel.

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Id mostly agree with Alchopwn. Russia... Ukraine... China... 

But, I think the reason Biden is pushing for a cease fire is political. He got hit by protest voting in some primaries that were because of his support of Israel. Some were like 30% of the votes.

So, because he's losing in almost every poll against Trump, he needs every single vote he can beg, borrow, buy, or steal.

Biden is still in Israel's corner, but politically he has to put forward some half-ass effort to appraise the anti-semites.

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