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A submerged island the size of Iceland discovered deep under the water off the coast of Brazil.


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A sunken volcanic island, approximately the size of Iceland, thought to have once been covered in lush vegetation, rivers and waterfalls and fringed by beaches and wave-cut platforms, has been discovered off the coast of Brazil, according to new research.

The island sounds like it could once have been a superb scuba diving destination, but unfortunately, we will never know, as it now lies some 600m below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

The remarkable discovery of the sunken island was made by a team of British and Brazilian scientists surveying the seafloor around an enormous mid-ocean volcanic plateau called the Rio Grande Rise. As their underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) beamed images back to the scientists on a boat, the team spotted some unusual-looking red clay layers.

‘You just don’t find red clay sand on the seabed. The deposits looked like tropical soils’, said Bramley Murton, a marine geologist from the National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton and co-author of the study, which revealed the presence of the island


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