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South Carolina has $1.8 billion but doesn’t know where the money came from


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South Carolina has collected about $1.8 billion in a bank account over the past decade and state and private accountants are still trying to figure out where the cash came from and where it was supposed to go.

“It’s like going into your bank and the bank president tells you we have a lot of money in our vault but we just don’t know who it belongs to,” said Republican Sen. Larry Grooms, who is leading a Senate panel investigating the problem.

It’s the latest trouble with the state’s books and the two agencies, typically led by elected officials, that are in charge of making sure government accounts stay balanced.

Full story: AP News

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It was from me.  I must have used the wrong routing number on a bank transfer.  Tell them to go ahead and write a check to me and I'll forget it ever happened and won't take any legal action.

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Maybe the politicians there took a class on money management. :rolleyes:

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The government is so bad at keeping their accounting accurate that this should bother everyone.

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