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Nepomuk's Liberation Party


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The incense had turned the air in the big hall into thick sweat fog. Nepomuk put on his pileus and raised his wine to his former Master 'I am eternally greatful that after I had worked my ass off to keep your rotting estate from totally falling into direpair you now put me out on the streets where I have to fight with the other peasants over my daily bread crumbs.'

Eye brows were raised but the giggling Nepomuk had expected didn't want to emerge from the gathered guests. Nepomuk lost balance a little but the table surprisingly reaffirmed his stance and with even more fevor he continued 'No really this is all what you Roman b******* do you use other people's work and wealth to have a comfortable life of utter and complete uselessness. But I mean you breed nice pretty fish that is something. Am I right?' With something between grunting and gurgling he spilled some of his wine on the person in front of the table.

Nobody laughed. But Nepomuk felt this was his one opportunity to make his voice heard. 'I am a Citizen of Rome you b*******! I have rights! **** all of you who are not Romans like me! I will plunder your village and rape your daughters and wifes but I am entitled to do so because I am Roman! I got rights! You don't!'

Careful cheers and 'woo' from the direction of the honorable guests, old generals and other true Romans. 'They know what I am talking about' he swung his cup at them and emptied it. 'See the issue with Barbarians like my parents is they are just not civilised. They live in their primitive huts without even the basics like central heating have no discernable manners or honor to their bones living in the mud like animals. All day just bouncing about and everything belongs to everybody. What gives life meaning is the struggle because I need more than what you have. That is healthy competition that makes Rome great! And keeps us strong and the rightful rulers over the world!'

More brave applause from all over the room.



The party turned into a big success and Nepomuk moved into an insula where he starved his remaining three years in utter poverty before he one day just didn't get up anymore when the sixth fire this month broke out.


The End

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