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Countess Reventlow Is Gone For Recovery


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Posted (edited)

'The most dangerous things in life are what one wants' the Countess told her therapist with a big sigh. 'It makes you ignore all the warning signs where the story just doesn't add up.' the doctor making notes encouraged her to continue. 'In the end what matters is what is and not what one wants to believe.'

After a few moments of silence the therapist asked 'And how have you been dealing with it?'

'Not too well I am afraid. I have been smoking too much, I even cried, but I think what always helps is to retreat and balance ones books on the way out of the door so to speak.'

'You know where you are going?'

'Long term? No. But to me the important part is always to not get stuck. Keeping on moving for the sake of movement. Goals only limit your freedom, if there's nothing one wants there is nothing that can throw you off balance. Life is just too short to waste it with getting attached to things, people and places. Life is an adventure and not a dream.'

'Do you think that is healthy?' The therapist pushed his glasses back up on his nose.

'No. But I have no choice. I have a polarising personality if I don't keep moving the people will burn me as a witch. For things I didn't do, for being how I am not, for whatever they want to believe because they can't accept I am not how they want me to be. Alas no one can argue with reality, but folks sure do try. I won't. I am just gone now. If I am the problem, everybody should be happier now.' The Countess got up and reached over the tiny coffee table to shake her doctor's hand.

He dusted off his pants as he rose and grabbed her hand firmly with both of his 'I wish you luck on your travels.'

She laughed 'Luck is for amateurs. What I need is just the movement, the flow of living and as long as I am not dead that is all I will ever need.'

'Where will you be going first?'

'Genfer See. I need to lick my wounds.'


The End

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