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'Arrest me!': JK Rowling challenges Scotland's new hate crime laws


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4 hours ago, pellinore said:

I'm joking. (Irony and dry jokes don't really work on the internet. Most posters on Mumsnet are more bat**** than us posters on UM.)

I might start quoting it to see what happens :lol:

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46 minutes ago, psyche101 said:

I might start quoting it to see what happens :lol:

Go for it. I'm sure that's what @pellinore has been doing all along.

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If a man wishes to put on a wig, some lipstick, and a dress, then that is his choice.

But forcing the rest of society to call him she and her is just ludicrous. Even worse, letting them into female changing rooms, female prisons, and anywhere else meant for females, is just a disgrace. What is happening to the world and all for a few people with issues, here and there?

Its time all alternative gender pronouns were made illegal to stop this insanity, instead of politicians scrapping the barrel for votes by reinforcing this nonsense. JK Rowling is displaying leadership by outing this rubbish, and should not be punished in any way for doing so.

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12 hours ago, psyche101 said:

Interesting interpretation. Not my recollection if you're referring to Covid. 

Dawkins already did that. What's your point?

I have no interest in your repetition of Dawkins thoughts. What is the point? 

Clearly I'm more familiar with the man and his work. I'm not really interested in hearing egos telling me how they are smarter than he is. 

Honestly no skin of my nose. I just don't find your approach interesting. Yes, I'm used to limited perspectives. It's the nature of this place and quite frankly I've not seen you provide anything out of the ordinary. You just seem to want to take the underdog position and sneer at facts. That's what you did in the Covid discussion so is there a good reason I should expect more this time? 

my final response is to point out how you still haven't responded to anything i actually said, as in other threads you turned nasty. i thought we had a few reasonable exchanges since then, so it's too bad. you started talking about dawkins and republicans, neither of which has anything to do with me or what i said. you might've been surprised by how much we agree on this topic and something productive could've been the result. @Kittens Are Jerks could've benefited as well, but appears to like your style of non-discussion more.

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"How did people emerge from the hysteria of the witch trials? What must it have felt like to live through the period when supposed witches were suddenly revealed to be ordinary women? What did the accusers say when it became clear that these supposed agents of Satan were simply adult human females? Did they feel guilt and try to make amends? Did they shirk their responsibility? Or did they double down?"


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