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Precinct 007


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Another lack-luster election at Precinct 007.  It was a school board election.  Precinct 007 had a 4% turnout.  This is what happens when democracy dies.  We spent about $40 a vote for those that came.  On the other hand, those who voted wielded more clout because they were the only ones.

It is already dead in Mulhall North Precinct (I don't remember the number.).  It was a mayoral election.  Not one voter showed up at the poll.  The mayor was picked by voters in Mulhall South.  Poll workers sat at their table the whole day with nothing to do.



Trump is cheering (He'll probably take Oklahoma no matter what happens in the election.).

Trump lost the popular vote in 2016, 2020 and the Rubs lost it in 2022.  Trump doesn't think he'll win the November election.  So why is he campaigning?  If he gets close enough that he can say the Dems stole the election, he can try another coup.

Trump will try a coup this fall or winter because he has nothing to lose.  If he doesn't overthrow the Constitution, he goes to jail.  Blood will be shed.





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