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10 weird things that happen during a solar eclipse

Grim Reaper 6

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Whether or not you plan to see the total phase of the eclipse, it should still be spectacular — and it may still have a few freaky effects. An eclipse "is the most unnatural natural phenomenon you'll ever experience," Tyler Nordgren, an astronomer, artist and author who frequently works with the National Park Service, told Live Science in an interview. Here are a few of the weird things that you might experience during a solar eclipse.



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How does solar eclipse affect tides?
Tide Changes

Tides are caused by the gravitational force exerted by the sun and moon. The moon phases change how high or low tides will be, and new moons result in higher tides. A solar eclipse means that the moon is in a new phase, so your go-to fishing spot will be experiencing a spring tide.
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34 minutes ago, docyabut2 said:

your go-to fishing spot will be experiencing a spring tide.

Spring tides occur every full moon and new moon, the eclipse makes no difference. 

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