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‘Violent’ Irondale man with ‘anti-government beliefs’ charged in nail bomb


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Kyle Benjamin Douglas Calvert, 26, is charged with malicious use of an explosive and possession of an unregistered destructive device.

Charging documents against him say he also placed stickers on state buildings at the same time of the bombing depicting different graphics advocating for various political ideologies.

Some included the phrase “Support your local antifa.”

Antifa, short for Anti-Fascist, does not describe a particular group, but rather describes individuals who adhere to what they consider as “anti-fascist beliefs.”


‘Violent’ Irondale man with ‘anti-government beliefs’ charged in nail bomb detonated outside Alabama AG’s office (msn.com)

Violent Antifa Supporter Arrested For Detonating Bomb Outside Republican Alabama AG’s Office (msn.com)

'Dangerous' man with suspected Antifa sympathies indicted for terrorism for explosive device packed with nails (msn.com)

Trans Antifa Member Charged in Explosion Outside Alabama AG’s Office (breitbart.com)

Man arrested in connection with device that exploded outside Alabama attorney general's office | AP News

Kyle Benjamin Douglas Calvert arrested in connection with explosive device that went off outside Alabama attorney general’s office | CNN

Pick your poison.

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Posted (edited)

Well, I'm glad they caught the scumbag. And I'm glad no one was hurt. It would be nice if they lock him away for as long as they can.

Good thing he wasn't more clever, but there's no gold stars in my book for being a dumb terrorist. Good work catching the bad guy, federal authorities!

EDIT: That all presupposes, of course, that's he's found guilty in a court of law.

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Everyone keeps screaming that immigrants are going to do a terrorist attack and then the first one that pops up is a guy from Alabama.

This guy is pretty interesting, though.  Here's the court case against him: 721860762-kyle-calvert.pdf (thegatewaypundit.com)

He definitely anti-government.  He posted stickers saying, "Anti-Fascism is community self-defense", "In solidarity with the wild", "Abolish private property", "Everything for everyone", "Topple all Hierarchies", "Defend nature", "Feminist Action",  "Eat the rich", Support you local Antifat", 'Death to Fascism", "Arm the Homeless", "My body, my choice", "XXXX work, Let's riot", "Never Work", "Friends don't let friends become cops", and "Abolish ICE".

Definitely far left to the point of being communist.  They caught him because his left foot points in weird in both the videos from the crime and from surveillance (gimp leg).

Of course he has a history of mental problems, posted videos on social media saying he has impulse problems, and even complained about his conservative relatives.

On December 12, 2023, Calvert posted another video. This video consisted of Calvert expressing his apparent frustration with the government. “I don’t understand how XXXXing politicians do this ****. How the XXXX are people okay with this XXXX.” Calvert then exclaimed in a loud yell, “How the XXXX are we not killing the government right now! XXXX!”- from the court filing. (I did the censoring)

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This is good that they caught him and no one was hurt.  

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