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An underwater Stonehenge stretches for miles under a lake in Europe


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An underwater Stonehenge stretches for miles under a lake in Europe. I think it was something with a cultic context, one researcher theorized.

Archaeologists are trying to piece together the mystery of an underwater trail of ancient rock piles, or cairns, that stretch for miles under the shimmering waters of Lake Constance, a glacial lake that lies between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and which appear to have been made by humans who lived some 5,500 years ago, according to a 2021 study.

The huge cairns have attracted public attention and expert debate ever since they were first discovered in 2015 by the Institute for Lake Research in Langenargen. Roughly 170 of these rock formations are arranged in a line under the shallow waters of Lake Constance, several hundred feet from its southwest Swiss shore. 



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I think a comparison with Stonehenge is pure click bite. 


Leuzinger and his colleagues consider several possible functions, including crannogs, which are artificial islands built into lakes. The team also suggested the piles could be fishing platforms, or sites for burials, or border fortifications, a calendar based on solstices, or even some kind of cultic astronomical display.


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1 hour ago, Essan said:

I think a comparison with Stonehenge is pure click bite. 

The Stonehenge site is about a lot more than 'just' the stone circle.

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