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Meher Baba on the Masts


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The enlightened sage Meher Baba used to travel all around the world visiting psychiatric hospitals for finding masts and properly rehabilitating them. He carefully distinguishes the mast state from madness and explains that in the case of the mad person, the mind is sped up, while in the case of the mast it is slowed down.

He considered masts to be spiritually developed people who had become spellbound by inner spiritual experiences and ecstasies and hence found it hard to operate and function normally in the material world. Consequently, to the casual observer, they would look mad even though they were actually harmless and highly sensitive people .

Meher Baba taught that the mast properly rehabilitated would continue in their spiritual path and would be of inward service to humanity.

A compilation of his sayings on masts....





Masts do not suffer from what may be called a disease. They are in a state of mental disorder because their minds are overcome by such intense spiritual energies that are far too much for them - forcing them to lose contact with the world, shed normal human habits and customs and civilised society, and live in a state of spiritual splendor but physical squalor.

During the process of transcending the mind, the mental makeup of the mast is subjected to so much disturbance and upheaval that he is unable to use his mind in the ordinary way. To all appearances he is like a madman. The way in which he sits, talks or eats, and his general demeanor, are so far removed from what is most current in the world that common people very often take him to be insane.

If I really like anything, I like two things - masts and children. I like masts for their strength, and children for their helplessness. The fire of love is very terrible indeed, and masts present a challenge - of this terrible fire of love - to God, the beloved.



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An interesting post, and relevant to your previous one.

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22 hours ago, Alchopwn said:

An interesting post, and relevant to your previous one.

Perceptive indeed. ;)

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