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Have Baba Vanga's predictions for 2024 already come true ?

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All of the 'predictions' they referred to are vague enough that in nearly ANY given time those things could be said. 

Ambiguity is the lifeblood of these 'prophets'.

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5 hours ago, UM-Bot said:

The world-famous blind mystic made a great number of chilling predictions about the future before her death.


The predictions sound familiar, it sounds like basically the world is going downhill ⬇️ ⬇️🔜🥲 

I remember hearing about 🔜Baba Vanga a while back on tv, says "she made over 5,000 predictions during her life" ok.

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damn, the lady is still predicting stuff from the grave? impressive 

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Posted (edited)

Leave aside the mockery , Baba Vanga was not even remotely close to those croocks and fake profets. She was so accurate that presidents and even the tiran Ceausescu had visited her to learn more about her visions. 

The spirit world is very powerful and some havw learn to listen tonthe future. 

Humanity is not in a good place right now, the sum of sin and blasphemy against God is pulling us all down, rapidly. 

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Nostradamus was WAY better.  Who remembers this one?

"Men will heed their masters' call.  Some will rise but most will fall, doomed; to serve Trump's master plan - Israel will nuke Iran."

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