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Rare sapphire tower plant blooms for first and last time in 20 years

Still Waters

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Sometimes in nature, there are events that we have to wait for. Some, like the upcoming American cicadapocaplypse might not be so popular – whereas, across the pond in Birmingham, UK, botanists are thrilled to reveal the blooming of their sapphire tower.

The sapphire tower plant (Puya alpestri) from the Chilean Andes can take up to 10 years to flower. The plant is a member of the bromeliad family, distantly related to the pineapple. Normally found at high elevations of up to 2,200 meters (7,218 feet) in the mountains, this plant relies on hummingbirds to pollinate its flowers. 

Instead, at the Arid Glasshouse at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the botanists are using paint brushes to replicate that effect.



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The sapphire tower plant is wow very pretty 💗

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It's beautiful!

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