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Mount Everest: Nepal to remove trash and dead bodies from world’s tallest mountain

Still Waters

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As the 2024 Himalayan mountaineering season gets underway, another high-altitude project is in the works: removing tons of trash from Mount Everest.

According to the Nepali army, the Mountain Cleanup Campaign collected 110 tons of waste between 2019, when the program started, and 2023.

The army, which conducts the cleanup initiative in partnership with the multinational brand Unilever, will head up the campaign again this year.

Twelve members of the military, supported by 18 Sherpas, will arrive at Everest Base Camp on April 14 to begin the work.

In addition to removing an estimated 10 tons of garbage, the army said in a statement that they plan to bring five dead bodies off of the mountain. These bodies are of climbers who perished while attempting to summit the world’s highest peak.


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