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Interspecies competition led to even more forms of ancient human


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Interspecies competition led to even more forms of ancient human – defying evolutionary trends in vertebrates


Competition between species played a major role in the rise and fall of hominins, and produced a “bizarre” evolutionary pattern for the Homo lineage.

Climate has long been held responsible for the emergence and extinction of hominin species. In most vertebrates, however, interspecies competition is known to play an important role.

Now, research shows for the first time that competition was fundamental to “speciation” – the rate at which new species emerge – across five million years of hominin evolution.

The study, published today in Nature Ecology & Evolution, also suggests that the species formation pattern of our own lineage was closer to island-dwelling beetles than other mammals.

Read More: ➡️ University of Cambridge


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Just read this this morning.

I'd like to add that hominids also didn't evolve to fill a niche.  Their evolution was strictly environmentally driven which would mean more species because we were entering environments where we didn't belong. 

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