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Dorset couple find 17th-century treasure hoard while renovating kitchen

Still Waters

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Renovating a kitchen can be expensive but a couple from Dorset have found it to be a lucrative exercise after they discovered more than 1,000 17th-century coins hidden under the floor.

Betty and Robert Fooks were removing the kitchen’s concrete floor to create more ceiling height at their farmhouse in Dorset when Robert, an agricultural engineer, discovered a smashed glazed pottery bowl full of 400-year-old coins.

The couple reported it to the local finds liaison officer and it was sent to the British Museum for cleaning and identification. The coins, known as the Poorton hoard, are coming up for sale at Duke’s auctioneers in Dorchester, Dorset, and are expected to fetch about £35,000.


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A little leftover stash from a Royalist when Cromwell was on his tear? 

That's what I would think.

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Can't stick a spade in the ground in that country without turning over history.

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