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Amateur Astronomers Caught Sungrazing Comet during Solar Eclipse


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Amateur Astronomers Caught Sungrazing Comet during Solar Eclipse

Wide-field photos of the total solar eclipse taken by several astronomers along the path of totality, caught a comet approaching the Sun.


Observers who photographed the April 8th total solar eclipse received an unexpected bonus when totality revealed a comet diving toward the Sun, known as a Kreutz sungrazer. But spotting the death-diving comet required special tricks in observing and image processing.

In anticipation of the eclipse, Thai amateur Worachate Boonplod searched recent coronagraph images in the online archives of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). Just hours before the start of totality, he spotted an unusually bright comet approaching the Sun in a Kreutz orbit. As he realized that the new comet, designated SOHO 5008, might be bright enough for ground-based observers to photograph it during totality, Boonplod posted the discovery on the Sungrazer Project's website.

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