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EU planning to ditch post-Brexit travel restrictions for UK citizens


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We are slowly unpicking the idiocy of Brexit. Why should young people, and the whole UK economy, suffer because of the racist views of a few elderly Brexiters? Feeble-minded pensioners who respond to the likes of Farage voting to lock themselves out of the world's most successful trading bloc, to increase immigration from all around the world, to make worthless trade deals all around the world, to lock us into being rule-followers not rule makers in our own continent will be replaced by young people who will reassert our place in Europe.

The European Commission has proposed restoring much of the pre-Brexit freedom that allows British travellers aged 18 to 30 the opportunity to travel, work or study for up to four years in the EU.

One of the most-mourned European freedoms that the UK chose to remove with Brexit was the opportunity for young Brits to travel, study and work in any EU country without restriction.

Boris Johnson’s government successfully negotiated for UK citizens to become “third-country nationals”, on a par with Venezuelans. As a result of the Brexit deal, British passport holders can stay a maximum of 90 days in the European Union and wider Schengen area – and must then leave for at least a further 90 days.

aged 18 to 30 (msn.com)

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