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AI news presenters


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I can not find an online link to show this to anyone else, So this must be a report of something for others to look for in the future.

Earlier this afternoon I was watching some cable news channel, I think was MSNBC. And for at least a minute or two the human news host was talking with someone who looked like a Virtual woman with shortish blonde hair, and skin and ears that looked like plastic instead.  Like very high quality cgi, but still compared to the human on the screen looking artificial, with slightly wrong mouth movements when talking.

I was so surprised I got up and stood 15cm away from the large screen television this was on, and I studied every detail. I do not think this was my own misperception. If it was my own misperception, why did I see the news host as a normal human?

Maybe someday there will be the "Buster Friendly" show?

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That's very interesting . . . thought-provoking. I wonder if anyone else here has seen that.

Welcome to UM :st

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TV channels are using AI-generated presenters to read the news. The question is, will we trust them?


National World debuts AI-generated weather presenter on London site


More countries across Asia are introducing AI news anchors. Here’s a list


It seems to happen quite a lot. Welcome to UM @mw.decavia :)

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