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Iceberg that sank the Titanic may be shown in unearthed 1912 photo set for auction

Still Waters

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A rediscovered photo captured two days after the Titanic sank is going on auction this month. The photo, taken by undertaker John Snow Jr, may show the iceberg that sank the ship on its maiden voyage 112 years ago on April 14.

It's not known when John Snow Jr took the photo, which can be viewed on the Henry Aldridge & Son Auctioneers website, during the voyage.

"Nobody can say for sure that this was THE iceberg that sank the Titanic. But what we can say is that after the rescue ship Carpathia, the Mackay-Bennett was one of the first ships to reach the wreck site and that the undertaker on board decided to take a photo of this iceberg," Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge at Henry Aldridge & Son Auctioneers told The Mirror.

The photograph is being sold on April 27, and is expected to fetch around 4,000-7,000 GBP (5,000-8,700 USD).


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The price is way out of my budget, big $$ for a photograph.🧊🥶 hoping it is authentic and very rare 📷 

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Posted (edited)

There’s no evidence that the iceberg in the picture is the one the Titanic hit. The area the liner moved through was full of them. However as a rare legit piece of Titanic history it should fetch a considerable price amongst maritime enthusiasts. Providing its provenance can be authenticated.

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$5000-8000 doesn't seem like much.  But that is for a photo with no definite history that is proven. 

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