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Starship Faces Performance Shortfall for Lunar Missions


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Starship Faces Performance Shortfall for Lunar Missions


Perhaps the most frequent topic of conversation for the lunar exploration community is when American astronauts will return to the Moon.  NASA originally aimed to land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024, but that date was pushed back repeatedly to September of 2026 at the earliest.  The largest source of uncertainty in the schedule is SpaceX’s ambitious Starship Human Landing System (HLS), which NASA selected to ferry astronauts between the Orion crew vehicle and the lunar south pole.  While the HLS team is making progress with the development of Starship, Elon Musk recently disclosed a serious issue with the current iteration of the vehicle.  Starship is facing a 50% underperformance in terms of the payload which it can deliver to orbit.  If this issue is not rectified, it could have grave implications for Starship’s ability to complete a lunar mission.

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This topic reminded me of Star Trek for some reason.  Good old Captain Kirk, exploring galaxies, killing Klingons and having intergalactic sex with strangely colored female type creatures.  Ah…the good old days. Lol.

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