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10m unemployed and 4,000 a day sign off sick in workshy Britain


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Benefits scroungers in a seaside town described as one of the 'most-deprived' in Britain have boasted how they don't want a job because they can 'chill out' and 'enjoy life' while not having to work. 

The unemployed in Jaywick, Essex are claiming 'thousands of pounds' a month of taxpayer's cash - while locals complain there are jobs, people just don't want them.

It comes as the number of people of working age in Britain that are economically inactive hit 9.4million, meaning they are neither employed nor looking for work. 

Meanwhile, at the end of last year, 4,000 applications for sickness benefits were being made every single day. 

Chris Patient, 36, told MailOnline he had no desire to work and was happy on his benefit payments, which includes £393 a month of Universal Credit.

He said: 'It is plenty to live on for me. I enjoy my life.

'Why would I want a job?': Shameless benefits scroungers in seaside town boast they 'chill out and enjoy life' while claiming 'thousands a month' of YOUR cash as 10m go unemployed and 4,000 a day sign off sick in workshy Britain | Daily Mail Online

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For many work has to be the least worst option to be actively pursued, few doing mundane jobs for 40hrs a week do it for entertainment.

And its never been any different. 

In my grandfathers day there was no real benefits system, he did three jobs in his youth, two to feed his family and one to help provided for his widowed mother. 

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2 hours ago, itsnotoutthere said:


We need the immigrants to fix vital skill gaps.

No, no, no, lets ignore their unemployment rates and get more!

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