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Fossil frogs share their skincare secrets: Analysis of 45-million-year-old soft tissues

Still Waters

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Paleontologists Daniel Falk and Prof. Maria McNamara, together with scientists from Ireland, Germany and the UK, studied 45-million-year-old fossil frogs from the Geiseltal site in central Germany. Remarkably, the fossils show full body outlines of the soft tissues. The team discovered that the excellent condition of the fossil frogs is due to preservation of ancient skin remnants. 

"The preservation of the skin is so good that we can even work out the habitat of the fossil frogs," said Daniel. "The preserved skin shows adaptations to prevent drying out, which suggests that these fossil frogs actually spent most of their time on land."


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 I can almost see the advertisements….   Froggy Skin Preserver . .4 oz. bottle $24.99  ..plus shipping and handling.   

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