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Girl, 3, said monsters were in her bedroom. It was 60,000 bees

Still Waters

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When three-year-old Saylor Class began complaining of monsters in her bedroom, her parents thought it was just a figment of a child's overactive imagination.

But then a beekeeper discovered tens of thousands of honeybees above the girl's bedroom.

Saylor had complained of "monsters in the wall" of her room at their farmhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her mother, Ashley Massis Class, and her husband thought nothing of it.

They had after all just shown their daughter the Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc.


Ms Class documented her ordeal on TikTok, posting updates on her astonishing situation which have gathered millions of views.


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Bees can be very valuable. The value of those bees to the beekeeper may have made it an even trade at least.

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I am a bit puzzled that this problem has been developing without anyone noticing that there was an increase in bee traffic around the outside of the house.

Does no one go outside and actually look up from their smart phones long enough to give the property and house a look over to make sure there aren't problems developing?

I mean..in the townhouse I used to live in, we made sure that we checked the soffits and roof edges frequently to make sure there were no wasp nests being built or check for other insect traffic. Bees don't just come in one day and the next day you have a bee-metropolis with tens of thousands of bees.

In other words this problem was brewing for a long time but no one bothered to investigate but i am glad no one was attacked or hurt from the bees.

If you are gonna live in a century home then you really need to get off the couch, set that bloody phone down and go investigate the house on the outside because if you see more than a couple of bees loitering around specific areas then that means that a potential problem could be developing.

Having a house is a responsibility and you need to take care of potential problems before they actually BECOME a problem.

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