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Nova seen for 2 years in 1054


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Mystery explosion 1,000 years ago may be a rare, third type of supernova | Live Science

On July 4, 1054 — about 700 years before the United States popped its first celebratory firework — a mysterious light exploded in the sky.

The blast was visible around the world, lingering in the daytime sky for nearly a month, and visible at night for nearly two years, according to NASA. At the time, Chinese astronomers labeled the mysterious blaze a "guest star" — a temporary heavenly object that seemingly appeared from nothing, then vanished to nothing. But modern space telescopes like NASA's Hubble reveal that Earth's strange "guest" is here to stay (albeit 6,500 light-years away).
What's left of that ancient blaze is known today as the Crab Nebula — a vast and rapidly-expanding balloon of irradiated gas with a powerful neutron star pulsing at its center. 
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