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Second Russian Kharkiv Offensive


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This seemed worthy of a new thread, plus the other main thread is over 150 pages and was about the Ukranian counter offensive from last summer.  

The first Russian offensive was when the war first started with Russian forces having nearly every possible advantage attacking Kharkiv oblast along approximately a 200 km front penetrating up to approximately 22 km before being stopped on the outskirts of Kharkiv before eventually being pushed back over the border for the entire front.  

It seems that so far the front for this offensive is approximately 55 km in total length with Russia having pushed past the Ukranian border in approximately 40 km, there is an approximate 26 km wide Russian push on the western side and a approximate 14 km wide Russian push on the eastern side with approximately 15 km of Ukranian controlled territory separating them.  Counting grey zone the maximum depth is approximately 8 km but counting what Russia clearly controls being approximately 5 km in maximum depth with a lot of Russian control being closer to 2 to 3 km in depth.  

The amount of Russian troops involved seem to be between 50,000 to 70,000 troops, which just about every expert does not think is enough to even reach Kharkiv let alone take and hold the city.  From reports it seems the initial Russian units have taken significant casualties in heavy fighting with the Ukranian forces but it seems the Russian reserves have not been committed yet.  

Ukraine is for the most part holding the line, there have been some reports of units immediately on the border withdrawing from their positions but it's not clear if that was units abandoning positions or planned withdrawals in the face of overwhelming Russian artillery fire.  It does seem some positions were not as heavily fortified as they should of been with some claims that entire minefields along with trenches and bunkers were never installed.  It seems the Ukranian government is looking into this to see if corruption or traitors inside of Ukraine played a role or if Russia just attacked areas where fortifications weren't built yet.

Interestingly the Russian pushes so far are not near major highways or railroads with only some secondary roads in the area.  There are also some unconfirmed rumors of some Russian units outright refusing to go on the offensive.

There is speculation that this is a desperate Russian hail Mary attempt to achieve something before American military aid reaches Ukraine in significant quantities.  There are also unconfirmed rumors of American ATACMS hitting targets inside of Russia, specifically logistical targets.  

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Reports from Ukrainian forces are saying Russia is now using significantly less armored vehicles then at the start of the offensive.  Russia has also unexpectedly been heavily targeting bridges over various rivers in Kharkiv oblast which Russia would need to capture intact if they were planning a deep penetration into Kharkiv oblast and to capture the city of Kharkiv.  This has lead to speculation that Russia is changing its goals from capturing either the city of Kharkiv/the entire oblast to just trying to set up a buffer region on the border.

There is currently heavy fighting at Vovchansk, a town of approximately 18,000 about 5 km from the border.  A lot of mixed reporting but it seems that so far the fighting is going on in the outskirts for the most part with Russia only being able to capture a meat packaging facility in the northern part of the town closest to the Russian border.  

It seems from reports and from various experts analyzing it that the Russian offensive is already starting to slow down less than a week from when it started.  Russian losses in men and material heavily spiked when this current Kharkiv offensive started with daily Russian casualties getting close to 2,000 a day.

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I could probably go back and cite everything but I'm not going to bother wasting my time and energy.  The same small group has traditionally been allowed to literally copy and paste from Russia propaganda and openly refuse to post a single source with nothing happening to them so I'm not going to waste my time to find everything again plus half of it has graphic content which other posters complain about despite being in an ongoing war section.  This is following an ongoing trend though on this site of different groups being held to different standards. 

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