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Hamas has been spying on Palestinian civilians for years

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Revealed: Hamas has been spying on Palestinian civilians for years - report

Amid Hamas's governance of the Gaza Strip, the terrorist organization had also been surveilling and building files on civilians, journalists, and individuals who questioned the government, according to a New York Times report from Monday that reviewed internal documents taken from raids in Gaza by Israel's military intelligence directorate.

According to the documents, Hamas leaders had been governing the people in a tyrannical manner that did not allow civilians to stray off the course of their rule. It was revealed that security officials would trail journalists and suspicious behavior.


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"The first casualty of war is truth".  The truth of the Gazan conflict is that Israeli citizens aren't all oppressive conquerors and Gazan civilians aren't all murderous terrorists.  In fact a very large percentage just want to live their lives in peace and give a future to their families.  The attack on the 7th October was the result of a long standing battle between a far right wing government and terrorists that officially represented both populations but mainly because these populations either feared change or weren't able to change.

Below a link to the New York article from files and documents confiscated by the Israeli army showing how Hamas controlled everything in the Gaza strip and didn't allow dissention.  The second link showing that executions in Gaza was common under Hamas (from 2007).



“We’re facing bombardment by the occupation and thuggery by the local authorities,” Ehab Fasfous, a journalist in the Gaza Strip

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