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Hundreds of ‘emaciated’ and stranded pelicans turn up along California coast

Still Waters

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Hundreds of starving and stranded brown pelicans have turned up along the California coast in recent weeks in what wildlife advocates have described as a “crisis”.

In Newport Beach in southern California, lifeguards came upon two dozen sick pelicans on a pier last week. The Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach, the non-profit caring for the animals, said they had treated more than 100 other birds who were anemic, dehydrated and extremely underweight.

“They are starving to death and if we don’t get them into care, they will die,” said Debbie McGuire, the center’s executive director. “It really is a crisis.”


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How heartbreaking. Not only are these poor things suffering from malnutrition, many are also exhibiting severe injuries from fish hooks and the like. The article mentions that there's no shortage of food given the bounty of marine life along the Pacific coast — so why then, is this happening? Hope experts can figure it out as soon as possible.

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