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Trump: Bird flu is the new Covid


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1 hour ago, Hawken said:

Stats show that over 99% of people in the US recovered from covid. The media only reported deaths and not recoveries to make it sound worse

than it really was. The link shows deaths/recoveries from 2020 to present. United States COVID - Coronavirus Statistics - Worldometer (worldometers.info)

The average covid death age also exceeded the mortality age...   in other words, it wasn't covid but old age.   Covid cured old age as no one died from it for like three years.  

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1 hour ago, Edumakated said:

The average covid death age also exceeded the mortality age...   in other words, it wasn't covid but old age.   Covid cured old age as no one died from it for like three years.  

This may be a big shock to you, but no one dies from old age- it never is a cause of death.  Heart failure, blunt force trauma, respiratory failure- these are causes of death.

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21 hours ago, Hawken said:

WOW, I guess common sense isn't so common. And I posted a link of the stats. :wacko:

Sorry, sorry, I was just being stupid.

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Posted (edited)
22 hours ago, Hawken said:

Did you read the link? 1.2 million died in a 4-year period in the US from Covid. Averages 300k a year. More people have died of Cancer & CVD in that timeframe. 

I guess that is about right.

The argument is not about the death rate- obesity related deaths are always high (heart failure etc). Cancer is high. I think Covid comes in third or fourth.

I think it is about excess deaths- the extra ones due to Covid.

You may be able to correct me on these figures- pop. of US about 330 million. Infection rate about 3 million (1%) and Covid deaths about 1 million (about 0.3 of the pop dead).

That doesn't seem a lot, but if you take an average small town as being 20,000 pop, 200 people get ill and 60 die.

Try telling a small town that they will get an infection, but only about 200 people will get ill, and only about 60 will actually die. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be reassured by this.

Or try this hypothetical: the US govt says 'the Chinese will invade next week but we will repel them and restore security in 24 hours so we'll all be safe. Only 1 million of you will be killed so don't panic.'

Even though it is only 1%, when the actual figure is 1 million, and no one knows if it will be them or their families, it isn't reassuring.





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Posted (edited)
On 5/16/2024 at 6:34 PM, Link of Hyrule said:

In Australia, we had BLM protests in 2020, and then literally one week later we had anti-lockdown protests. Despite both being under Stage 4 lockdowns, the BLM protest was allowed to go on and the police observed from a distance, with some fines handed out to the organisers but they didn't even let the lockdown protest happen, they knocked on the door of the organiser (a pregnant woman) and arrested her for simply putting it on Facebook, then took her to court and threatened her with 7 years prison. She beat that charge, but it highlights just how differently our governments treated covid. A $1000 fine for having a protest and being integral to organising it vs 7 years prison for just putting up a Facebook promotion (she didn't get a fine, but after her court costs do you think she ended up better or worse off than the BLM protesters) :cry: 

That was exactly what I meant. They've allowed some to protest while persecuting others!

In Canada they've closed eyes to Sikh and Muslims letting them to held religious gatherings during Covid but arested pastors and Cristians for doing the same. 

How can someone even trust a such ****ty government who is biased on who they apply laws? Is this a government I expect to represent me? Nope, I expected to screw me again and again while protecting minorities.

This is how right wing activists are gaining momentum,  thanks to brainless old farts in power and incompetent people chosen on other values than skills. 

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